Orchestral Turbulence

I was asked by a Springer editor in New York, Elizabeth Lowe, to consider contributing to volume she was creating during these pandemic times. The volume would contain contributions by mathematicians concerning what they are doing in this time of COVID.

This is the Boulder Philharmonic logo

It could be something whimsical, humorous, or just something that was happening at this time.  The editor of the volume will have the name Alice Wonders, indeed a whimsical name of an editor of a volume. I decided to write an article concerning the fact that I became president of an orchestra in Boulder in June of 2020, right in the middle of this pandemic. The article is entitled Orchestral Turbulence, and it dries to show how a particular orchestra is trying to cope with this very complex situation. As I am writing these lines, the turbulence does continue, but I won’t go into any additional complexities at the moment. You can find a copy of the article in my list of published articles and essays

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